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The village was surreal.The warm atmosphere of the people was unparalleled.Living high and mighty on the magnificant mountain where a bed of colourful houses,each colour complementing the next until it crafted what can only be compared to as a rainbow.Our bed of rainbows watched over this village as a guardian , protecting the luxurious land we used to fish.Each person knew each other.Everyone wore bright clothes which illuminated the dull grey sky which the fishes loved so much;so did we.We would dace delieghtfully beneath the strong storm spots of rain.

As you travelled through the humongous homeland towards the sea you began to taste the salt in the air (that was the warning to that you were almost their).The big blue lagoon was so transparent you could see the cyan;tangerine;indigo coloured coral which were embedded into the vast amounts of sand.Once you forgot about the surreal sea you could clearly see the enormous boats out on the lagoon trying to catch tonight’s dinner.

Feeling euphoric everyday was a standard.The people and the atmosphere sucked you in , allowing you to really feel liberated as the fresh breeze brushes against your face ;the masses of people invite you to experiment with the new beast they caught that day or to go somewhere.There was not a single place on earth like it!Everyday was an adventure,encouraging you to try something unique.This place is heavenly.

Once you have settled and had a momment to devour all of the new experiences;descend from the heavens and come to your senses you may explore the merry marketplace.You walk liberated:you are above the bounds and restrictions of society,not allowing them to restrain you in anyway ,shape or form.The marketplace is polluted with noise;however it is a wanted noise.Familts frantically rushing to the next activity trying to catch up to their children who run like cheetahs;people dancing until the moonlight shone upon them ,laughter at every corner.Who would ever want to leave this paradise?Sweet scents spread through the market alerting people of the next delicious treat they had to purchase.They made you feel at home.Waking up everyday by the big blue lagoon to the music the birds played was reality here.
what board? what question from what paper are you attempting?
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what board? what question from what paper are you attempting?

AQA 2022 paper 1

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