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Are PhDs worth it?

Unless you are doing a PhD in drug discovery or species recovery/discovery, what is the point of a PhD?
The ones who usually do PhDs are almost, always unemployed or unable to find jobs.

Furthermore, it is nothing special in the field of humanities because
Extremely narrow and limited research scope
Knowledge limited to that narrow field only
No outstanding discoveries in the field of social sciences and humanities.
Limited job opportunities
No professional or personal growth (speaking from experience of having worked with academics who are extremely disorganised, have no work ethic, unprofessional and the list goes on) because all they have done is write a thesis and not obtained any work experience that teaches them new skills

With a focus that is so narrow, how can anyone with a PhD claim to be an intellectual? You only know 1 particular area of your field. That's about it.
why are you asking anon?
Are you thinking of doing a PhD?

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