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Should I go in person to ask for vet work experience?

Alright so I’m looking to get all my work experience placements booked in for this summer and autumn before October and I was wondering if I should call or go in person,

I’d prefer calling because I have social anxiety but my mum is saying I should definitely go in person to even be considered.

(Btw I tried the calling thing last summer but left it too last minute so didn’t have any luck)
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Personally, I usually check if they have an email on their website or on google maps and then writing a formal email asking if they have space and why I want to volunteer there, how long for, what type of experience etc. If not, then I would show up as I also have anxiety about phone calls :smile:)
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I would send out emails to several vets in your area. But also mention you’re happy to come in for a chat. 😊
you can start with emails if you like but most practices are busy and it is easy to ignore an email. Turning up is much harder to ignore so you may need to go for that if you haven't had any joy by email.
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Update: Ty for the advice, I went in person and finally got some stuff arranged with the local clinics.

Id say the biggest issue right now is securing a diary farm placement.

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