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21 years old and potentially returning back to college for GCSEs

Hi, I left college at 18, mainly because I was earning a substantial income through software development online, at that age I wasn't really thinking it through and didn't make sure I had something to fall back onto. However the online freelancing job is no longer viable due to complex reasons. I am also facing homelessness, and I never completed my GCSEs.

I rarely ask for advice in all honesty as I just google often, but this is one of those times when I feel quite lost and need some helping hand. Has anyone else experienced a similar situation? Returning to college feels somewhat daunting, and although I have quite a lot of experience in software development I find that many apprenticeships require GCSEs which has upset me because I am actually experienced for the position but it's just the GCSE thats gatekeeping me, although if thats the only option to really progress in the software industry I cannot whine here but simply just go back to college and work a part time job until I have the GCSEs required for getting into a apprenticeship. I would like to explore all available options before committing myself to obtaining GCSEs, just so there aren't any caveats I haven't missed.
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I think that obtaining your GCSE is a very good idea and even getting ur a levels as well but that’s up to u! You may find other options to do instead of GCSEs but I definitely think that for the future it’s important to have it for almost any good job so having a part time job whilst doing that is a really good idea.

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