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Exeter or Bath for Business Management (Marketing) with placement year?

Hello to everyone. I received an offer for management (marketing) with placement year from University of Exeter and Bath. I find it difficult to choose. Exeter has better ranking 140 worldwide and top 10 for business, Bath has worst worldwide ranking something about 200-300, but better for business.

Many people told me that I don’t need to look at the rating too much, which confuses me. Both universities are located far from London, both are campus universities.

Also, after undergraduate I would like to continue my studies as a postgraduate student, but at a better university. I read a couple of topics here, and I didn’t quite understand how the postgraduate system works, what parameters they use to admit people to universities. They basically say that they look at the grade (2:1), but I don’t understand what these numbers mean, I’m not very knowledgeable about the education system, because I’m an international student, but who studied in the sixth form. Some noted that even if you don’t go to a top university, if you still have the chance to go on to Oxford, which is quite inspiring.

I want to hear your opinion about universities. Exeter is more recognisable in general because it has a higher position in the world. And Bath surprisingly has a bad rating in the world, although quite high in the UK, I don’t understand how this is possible.

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