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My favourite experiences at Kingston University.

My name is May and I’m currently in my final year of studying master's in social work. I found Kingston University supportive in helping me with my course. I love the diversity that the university has as well as the support offered to students from Black ethnicities. I have seen Kingston's commitment to helping students who are not from affluent backgrounds to achieve excellence in their education through the programmes they offer such as Elevate. Also, I’ve had the privilege of working in DARE TEAM which runs campaigns such as the Fundraising Campaign dedicated to supporting students in financial hardship as well as support care leavers.

Secondly, my favourite aspect about being a PG student at Kingston University is the wide range of flexible job roles offered. Before starting my postgraduate, I was worried about my finances because I knew my income would be limited. Although I was lucky to receive a Social Work bursary, I was still worried about my finances. I was able to apply to become a student ambassador which was a stepping stone to opening a numerous job opportunity for me. Whilst working as a student ambassador I was able to apply for roles such as Information Library Assistance; Student Caller; Residential Life Assistance; Postgraduate Home Student Ambassador; and Tap Ambassador. In addition, I was able to work as a support worker with Equality Enterprise, a third-party company hired by the university that provides support for students with learning disabilities and difficulties. The job listed above allowed me to earn money while studying and had a huge impact in helping me to maintain my finances.

I also enjoy studying at Kingston Hill Library and prefer it over Town House because of the spaces available to study even when it’s busy. I find Kingston Hill Library convenient to borrow books that I need for assignments. My favourite area to work is the study room, I find that the room is not as booked as Town House. On busy days when the study rooms may be booked, I usually would find a space on the second floor. Additionally, I find the subject librarians helpful in answering my questions on academic writing and referencing.

Lastly, I find the lecturer supportive in helping me with queries concerning the course and assignments. I enjoy that the lecturers are swift in replying to emails which is especially important when I have a deadline.

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