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Pizza express Trainee chef Interview

Hey Guys

I have an interview in a few days at pizza express and I wanted to ask what to expect at the interview. Also how hard would the interview be and when I would most likely hear from them back.
Also does anyone know what the role of Trainee pizza chef at pizza express entails.

Thanks in advance :smile:
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It’s pretty visible what the Chef does at PizzaExpress. It look to as if it’s about working accurately under a degree of pressure in a busy environment. You need to be physically fit to be on your feet moving about in a hot environment for a full shift. And also to have an even temperament to handle things when they go wrong

I would brush up a bit on the history of pizza, know the main toppings, even better if you have some wider culinary interest and skills. Be able to explain with passion why you want to work for Pizza Express. Plus have some good examples of when you have ‘delivered good customer service’, ‘worked well under pressure’ and ‘handled a difficult situation’.

It actually looks like quite a fun job, at least for a while. Good luck
TYSM For this, ur an absolute lifesaver
And thanks again for the luck.

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