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Hi, I'm an FM student and I have been feeling uncomfortable with my maths teacher (56 m). So for context, this math teacher has been winking and smirking at FM students and he has sat all the girls with skirts near him and all the girls with trousers across the room, so this teacher makes me and my friends feel uncomfortable since he smirks and winks at us weirdly and then he's also tried looking up a girls skirt and every time ì try to bring it up everyone says I'm overdramatic and that he's just a nice teacher, but the way he winks at me and smirks and my guts say to run every time I see him it just sits weird with me like once I was sat outside a room waiting for he walks passed and says hi (name) you comfortable there and winks at me and that situation made me feel really uncomfortable and I had to stand up since i couldn't stay sat there when he said that comment, so am I overreacting or is he just a nice teacher
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no your not overreacting 🤣if what your saying is true try to get a video or something or a group of other girls and report him

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