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Considering gap year due to disabilities before university, any advice?

Hi all, I am a T-Level Construction student who is finishing college this year. I have already applied to university and some apprenticeships but a lot of the good places require a commute and I don't yet have my drivers license. I also feel due to my medical situation that I have too many appointments to book time off of work constantly if I do a degree apprenticeship like I'm hoping (4 days work, 1 day uni per week). I've been reluctant to consider a gap year but now I'm thinking it's maybe for the best?

I don't want to give up studying though. I'm not going travelling so I don't want to just sit around and get into a bad situation where I do nothing. I'm thinking of doing online courses and get my drone pilot license while I'm on a gap, so when I do go to uni I have an advantage over other people and brush up my CV for work. I'm thinking maybe some volunteer work as well but it would have to be very non-committal due to my disabilities. I also didn't have the normal teen experience growing up and I won't get the full time university life either if I do a degree apprenticeship, so I feel a gap year might allow me to go clubbing, let loose etc before buckling down. I'm also writing a book just as a hobby but if I have more free time on my hands I might actually consider publishing it. I'm a motivated person so I don't just want to sit around and do nothing but I think I need a break.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Taken a gap year but continued to learn online or small courses or volunteer as opposed to travelling? Any advice or first-hand experience of what it's like?
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Hey I'm currently in year 12 but I'm planning to do a similar thing if I decide to go to uni. I also have health issues. My concern has been about the fact that is I don't plan things I will sit on my ass for a year but I've seen a lot of different courses and I think with a bit of planning it would be a good idea. I have a part-time job but I'd plan to do some work experience, volunteering and most importantly some relaxing. I hope things work out for you!

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