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UCL IMB vs Queen Mary PWC Accounting Flying start Degree vs Bath Accounting & Finance

I am so confused as to which to put as my firm and insurance:

I have offers from
Queen Mary PWC Accounting Flying Start Program (AAB)
UCL - Information Management for Business (AAA)
Bath - Accounting & Finance with Placement Year (AAB)

Any insights would help. Thanks!
Which subject interests you the most - go back to the course information and look at the optional units for all years of each course, and think about which you would actually choose if you went there.

Look at the info the Unis are giving about the sort of careers/employers graduates go to - is this what you want? Any sort of placement will add heaps to your graduate CV - the placement system at Bath is probably one of the best in the UK - or how important is it that you have employment prospects at PWC? These are the things you have to think carefully and clearly about. No-one else can make this decision for you as its about what sort of University experience/degree/career you want to have.
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Thanks for your thoughts. I feel with the Queens Mary PWC Flying Start program course I would get the benefit of having a paid placement with PWC in-built into my 4 years degree, along with finishing 12/15 ACA modules which will give me a charted account qualification and an opportunity to join in the pwc once i finish my degree. So it definitely feels the one i would go for. Was just wondering about the ranking of UCL / Bath universities that both show higher than Queen Mary

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