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how to revise character analys for inpector calls
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(9 at GCSE - studied an Inspector Calls.)

Get to know the characters. Examine them at more than base level, try to work out their motivations, context and reasoning for why they are who they are. Talk about the position not only in society but in the family hierarchy, see if you can identify a link between their role at some point in the novella and how that could be reflective of society or allegorical for something politically. I myself remember being able to cite each as one of the deadly sins, greed, jealousy etc, however these are purely philosophical theories.

Read other people’s interpretations of the characters too, critics quotes and their views are great at helping you develop an understanding.

Also practice the structure with practice questions. You don’t even necessarily have to compose a full essay, you just need to practice what quotes can be used, explore themes and ideas within breadth, depth etc.
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how to revise character analys for inpector calls

revise character profiles! a great way to access these is by watching mr bruff's videos on youtube. he has so many character profiles on the texts everyones studys at gcse, including aic. i will attach a link to take you to his character profiles:
hope this helps!

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