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What are the three main quality on how to run a lodge or hotel
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What are the three main quality on how to run a lodge or hotel

A change in the ruling political party may introduce new or adapt legislation and policies. This can have financial implications for the hotel’s project. For instance, alterations in tax rates or incentives may impact the budget for implementing the reservation system improvements or conducting training and recruitment activities.

Staying informed on political developments and staying updated on any changes in policies or regulations, whilst keeping the budget flexible will allow us to proactively adjust plans and strategies accordingly.

The level of competition in the hotel industry can influence the success of the project. As there are other hotels in the area with similar offerings, it will be more difficult to attract guests and differentiate. During times of economic growth, there may be a higher demand for skilled workers, which can increase recruitment and training costs as well as salaries. Seasonal fluctuations and the boom period of the trade cycle can also impact the demand for more staff. In the popular periods the hotel will receive more bookings and more revenue so will therefore be able to accommodate more staff in order to keep up with demand. Conversely
, in quieter times or a recession there may be a decline in demand for accommodation and so the hotel has lower profit margins.

§ During times where demand is quieter, CoastView could have offers and discounts to persuade people to book.
§ Conduct research on Salcombe, Torquay and Dartmouth to find out peak tourist periods so each of the hotels can pre plan when they may require more staff so that it can be budgeted for.
Economic indicators such as GDP growth, employment rates, and consumer spending, can be used to predict the likelihood of potential reservations.

The unemployment rates in the Devon area may make it easier for the new hotel to attract qualified candidates and the two other hotels to replace anyone who has been internally recruited for the new hotel. Understanding the demographics for the hotel’s reservation system and recruitment efforts is essential. Ensuring accessibility and equality for all guests and candidates, regardless of their abilities is crucial. CoastView should take this into consideration when making adaptations to the reservation process and undergoing the recruitment and training process. Tailoring these aspects to match the preferences of the target market can lead to increased bookings and successful recruitment.

§ Regarding the reservation system, CoastView can provide an easy-to-use, accessible online reservation process that meets the needs of all guests. This can include features such as text-to-speech functions, adjustable font sizes, and compatibly with screen readers.
§ Offer multiple ways of booking: via website, phone or email.
§ Ask guests and candidates during the reservation and application process if they require any reasonable adjustments.
§ Implement inclusive hiring practices to promote equality in training and recruitment process. This can involve seeking candidates from diverse backgrounds and providing equal opportunities to all
§ Wheelchair ramps, lifts with braille signage, accessible parking spaces can be considered in the design.
§ Train staff to assist guests with disabilities and be knowledgeable about accessible features in the hotel and provide any necessary accommodations.

Online booking sites provide a convenient platform for guests to make reservations. Integrations with booking sites can automate the reservation process, reducing the chances or errors, lost information and double bookings. This can save time for both guests and hotel staff. Having a reliable and high-speed Wi-Fi connection throughout the hotels can enhance guest experience. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and positive reviews. Additionally having a strong connection around the hotel will mean the booking system will operate quicker and smoother. With access to Wi-Fi, online training modules and resources ca be utilised to enhance the skills and knowledge of new and existing staff.

§ Collaborate with a software provider to develop a user-friendly and accessible online reservation system, conduct thorough testing and user feedback sessions to identify any usability issues, and regularly updates and maintain the system to ensure it remains secure and efficient.
§ Ensure visibility on popular booking sites will help CoastView to reach a wider audience.
§ Provide ongoing training and development opportunities to keep staff updated on best practices and new technologies.
§ Look at guest feedback and complaint resolutions by establishing a system for guest to provide feedback on their reservation experience.
Training staff tohandle guest complaints

Employment and labour laws protect the rights of workers and ensures fair treatment in the work place. When deciding which roles to recruit for, the hotel should consider: minimum wage, working hours, rest breaks and holiday entitlement. Additionally, the Equality Act 2010 promotes equal opportunities and prohibits discrimination in various areas, including employment. The new hotel will need to adhere to this act during the recruitment process, training programmes, and overall management of its employees. The safety of guests and staff is a vital consideration when considering the new hotel, as incompliance can lead to negative reviews and even legal trouble. During training the hotel will have to ensure that its employees will be kept safe, especially if they go to external venues. When making improvements to the reservation system the hotel will need to ensure compliance with GDPR, consumer protection laws, contractual agreements, accessibility laws and having intellectual property rights. By having clear and fair polices in place, CoastView can provide transparency and avoid any misunderstanding or disputes.

Develop cancellation policies:
1. Clearly communicated during booking process
2. Free cancellations within a certain timeframe or option to reschedule bookings (flexible options)
3. Outline penalties or charges associated with cancellations
4. Regularly reviews and update

§ Ensure accurate information about pricing, availability, and amenities is shared with guests and accurate job details such as holidays and wages is shared with candidates when advertising vacancies and roles.
§ Develop a policy or procedure on how to deal with negative reviews and complaints.
§ Create a policy that prevents discrimination and harassment as well as offering training programmes on diversity and inclusion.
§ A fair recruitment process = offering proper training and development opportunities to enhance skills of employees
§ A grievance procedure to address employee concerns and complaints promptly.
Training staff for an emergency and making them aware of safety protocols will ensure staff members can do their best to protect guests and themselves.

The refurbishment of the new hotel may cause damage to the local environment through the contamination of building waste, food and general waste as well attraction of more tourist who will add to traffic and noise pollution. It is therefore important the hotel attempts to minimise its impact where possible.

§ Digitalising processes to minimise paper usage

Educating staff about sustainable practices

Solution 1:
1. Little hotelier (gather customer reviews and statics off of the website)
2. Data migration
3. Recruitment and training
4. Trip advisor for business
5. Self-check in kiosk

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