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Hey I'm just feeling rly overwhelmed with GCSES for a moment and I just need some advice as there is alot of stuff I have to finish
For English, Idek where to begin with the poems. Just some advice on that pls??? Also, for English lang how would I revise that? My class teacher is off so I can't get them to mark when I practice. How do I overcome this?
DT- I feel like flashcards aren't helping me learn the properties of everything, so Is there a better way?
For maths, I'm currently at a 7 (last mock was in jan tho) I really really want a 9, so l'm planning to just look at the second half of past papers to be able to be exposed to the more harder questions along with tryna do Corbett maths 5-a-day. However should I be doing something else before doing those hard questions since l'm only on a 7?
For sciences the mark schemes are specific, how do I memorise them? Ik ppl say make flashcards out of them but if I stopped to do that for every single question I got wrong wouldn't that be a waste of time as it's more note taking than anything. Is there another way to do this,, orr
Business- I'm not rly sure how I can memorise the advantages and disadvantages. There's so many definitions thrown at me and idk how to learn what each thing means
Rs- just how in general?? I do well in class and get in tests and 10-12/12 in all my essays but I always mess up in my mocks (especially in beliefs) and got a 7
honestly if u want to achieve well rn u kinda have to through away ur emotions and rlly put ur head down seems harder said than done but ull regret it later
ik that seems rlly tough but even for me im always so anxious for any kind of test but its just self sabotage wasting time on procrastination and being nervous @ the end of the day a 9 is a grade thats achievable its not impossible otherwise it wouldn't be a thing. its made because they know students can achieve it honestly dont be disheartened as gcse mainly come down to revision techniques and past paper patterns. dw abt time if u try maximise revision u have plenty of time still

in English make sure u have sorted ur poem wtv u need to do exploding the quotes. structure and context id recommend mr bruff on yt and for the rest of the poems go over them and there back stories a bit of structure and how they link to ur chosen poem u could look at which quotes u would choose as well
language I dont do much for English in general I think u need to have good vocabulary it takes u rlly far in both sections can look on line for exemplar q5 and snatch ideas to add in ur own think abt things like shift in perspective for creative writing
section a make sure u read what the question asks u
for example writers perspectives its key to identify the writers "hidden" message of the text and how he uses lang structure to relay those
that really what u shoud think when ur answering language its quite simple dont overcomplicate the question

maths is my worst im at a seven but ive just been doing papers and seeing what topics are bad revising them a bit them doing more papers im starting to get 8s in a few papers and I just started doing them this week

the thing u said for science I couldn't recommend it enough cuz they just reword those questions
there's only limited questions they can ask its all on the spec so use that for key definitions

business for me when I dont revise I get higher but what id say to do is look at a past paper questions u think idk how to do that circle go over this topics then attempt the question and mark and review them, a while later reattempt another question of that topic etc
for definitions they're relatively short so probably using Seneca or quizlet for flash cards on them is the best
or just using the spec

for adv and disadv there normally similar for things and also u can think abt them logically too
like adv of automation
less labour cost cuz obviously less workers needed and replaced by robots and machines so cutting costs
also increased output as machines dont take breaks so consistently producing products increasing sales
its obviously bad cuz its expensive and can break down
also for customers disadvantage as quality can decrease
and for employees loss of jobs
when u answer adv and disadvantage I think its rlly important to think abt how it affects each stakeholder as then the examiner sees ur knowledge on display and how u link 2 topics
basically what im trying to say is to think of those u dont need to necessarily need to memorise some adv and diisadv as they can be thought of by a student that doesn't take business too but ur memory may serve prompts
things like sole traders and ltds maybe yh memorise those as they're more specific
u can identify those adv and disadvantage to note by the past paper method I mentioned
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