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How cam I improve my grades

I'm in year 10 I take English literature, English language, triple science, maths, French, business and geography. I'm currently working around 7 at most subjects but I really want to get all 8/9s how can I improve my grades
year 11 student here!

i cant say much for english literature or french because im at around a 6-7 too, or triple science because i do double, but for business i'd really suggest learning the structure of questions really well (especially 6 markers) and doing a lot of practice questions, in addition to making sure you know the pros and cons of everything well (i got a 9 in my last business mock paper 2 mock, but i also do the AQA examboard so im not sure if its the same for you). also for finance, make sure you know all your formulas and stuff

for maths, i really suggest websites like dr frost and mathswatch (i got an 8 in my last two mocks, and i do the pearson edexcel exam board) do questions that you know you're going to struggle on, and ask your teacher questions about everything you dont understand because it really piles up if you forget to ask. if you arent comfortable asking your teachers, you can also look up videos on youtube or mathswatch sometimes has a video explaining the topic if you scroll down on a question (dr frost has this too but its a button in the top left corner of a question)

for geography, i'd say make sure you know the question structure and content because there's a lot of it. to get a 9, i'd probably use some statistics from case studies (im normally around an 8 at geography, but i almost got a 9 in my last mock because of stats and stuff. i do the AQA examboard) also, make sure you know the command words and what each question is expecting, whether or not they want a conclusion, etc. also, because there's a ton of case studies, it'll be helpful to have a conclusive list of all of them! i forgot about my desertification case study entirely in one of my tests once because we only did one sheet on it and i skipped over it when i was making flashcards from my notes

but if you're comfortable, i really suggest asking your teachers specifically for help for more practical advice because they know you best and what areas you might specifically struggle at. im literally just some stranger on the internet and there's no guarantee what i'm saying is helpful for you.
Everyone has their own best revision methods, so I advise to go try our different methods as fast as you can.

From my experience:

Sciences - Summerise textbooks and specificationnotes and review them every few weeks to memoriseall the information; Moreover, use resources likePrimrose Kitten and FreeScienceLessons onYouTube to fill in gaps of knowledge!

English - Write! It's this easy... Writing more often willhelp increase the speed of your writing during theexam and provide an advantage. Moreover, youcould read books or and watch movies to expandyour vocabulary by exposing yourself to other typesof diction.

Maths - Honestly, the only thing you can do is dopractice questions for each unit and past papers, asquestions that come up are unpredictable.

Good luck, and I wish you all the best!

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