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I helped a friend with feedback on their Coursework, does this count as malpractice?

Recently, I gave suggestions to a friend on how to improve their A-Level OCR English Language coursework.

I didn’t make any changes to the work itself nor did they at this point; I just gave comments on certain sections on a Google document. I was sat with them, and we did this on their account. My account has no access to this document.

Some examples would be “add context” or “add quotation marks”, and we discussed which theorists would help support the point they made. It’s similar advice the teachers have been giving her, but I’m not sure I was in the position to give that.

I don’t know why I helped them because they’re a lazy and terrible friend, and they won’t return my messages now.

Are they or I at risk of disqualification due to this? Should I tell a teacher I did this?
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