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French B2

I am taking the IGCSE French exam (A2) in May, and have been predicted a 9 for over a year already, I find the course very easy despite never studying it. This is almost certainly because I am fluent in italian, and the two languages are very similar.
After my IGCSES, I wanted to find something to work on over the summer, for about a two month period. Does anyone who took/is taking/knows about the French B2 exam tell me:
1) if they think it is possible to achieve the certificate within two months of studying ( i consider myself able to get the B1 currently)
2) what steps i would have to take to self study to a B2 level
3) if not, anything else i should work on over the summer to help build my uni application
Well I guess uni's might enjoy you tutoring A1 and A2 students I guess

Well how many hours can you do for a day, based on that and the rough number of hours available online about how long it takes to reach a certain level you could work with your estimate but prolly these aren't THAT accurate for ppl that are fluent in ANOTHER romance language ( so you will prolly have to spend less time).

How much BORING work are you gonna do and how much INTERESTING work are you gonna do?
BORING ( as in grammar and writing practice)
INTERESTING ( as in yk listening and reading practice)

And anyway where are your weaknesses?

Good luck!!

I speak French at the B1 level but I am NOT sure about my ability to do the certificate and all
I just thought I would try to help you out:smile:))

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