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Has anyone been in bottom sets for anything and passed?

For me it's very hard to pass foundation tier
Hey, I suppose you are doing your GCSE'S I used to be in bottom set for sciences, maths and middle set for english. It used to annoy me so much because I used to try so hard and I felt like it never paid off. Then I worked hard during year 10 and 11 and got 7,8 and 9s in everything. Obviously, it is different for everyone, and education is really difficult, but I used to get 4s in my mocks, and I did work for it, and it does pay off. My advice for the core subjects:

Maths - go on Mathsgenie and do his questions and walkthroughs; the questions are organised by grades, so if you are struggling with grade 4, you can go back and work on the previous grades.

English- Despite doing questions and marking them, I used to watch Mreverythingenglish and stacy reay for poetry to push my grades. Also, I did Macbeth and Inspector calls, so I used to go to physicsandmathstutor and print out their character profiles, annotate them, and remember critical things that would help my essays.

Science- this can be tricky, but I remember that before I went on to push myself to the higher grades, I needed to get all the basic stuff covered. I used to order the free science lessons books and watch the videos because they went hand in hand. The workbooks were basic, but it was so helpful for me to learn the content, make flashcards, and work on the harder bits.

It isn't easy but you just have to get the basics done and build on that and persevere.

Best of luck
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