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Should I take out a Maintenance Loan?

Just a quick question really, I am currently working part time on a very reasonable salary and will be living at home.

Is it therefore necessary for me to take out a Maintenance Loan? I know its some extra money I could definitely use along my journey at University but I don't actually see myself needing it. I've had the advice to invest it or to keep it for any future studies but this is from people who went to Uni before (2012 onwards).

I would welcome any opinions and personal experiences. Please note I am a bit unsure about taking out a Maintenance Loan and I know that there are other students who would probably benefit more from it than myself. I am also not bragging about not needing it.

Thanks in advance :smile:
Generally: you’re more likely to benefit from additional income/savings in your 20s than you will from have slightly lower student loan repayments in your late 40s/50s

I would say take the loan even if you don’t need it now. Presumably at some point you plan to move out - a deposit/savings will make that more practical.

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