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Conditional offer.

This is a bit of a silly question but my conditional requirements for a course are 21 distinctions 21 merits and 3 passes. Currently I have achieved all distinctions, but 4 passes would this affect me getting in if I have these distinctions but 1 level at a pass over the amount? Or am I just being paranoid.
Original post by m3ri3m
no :smile: you've met the minimum requirement for your offer so you should get in! congrats!!

How do you figure that? OP has four passes. The requirement was for no more than three passes.
Original post by m3ri3m
Did they specify that over 3 passes meant the offer was off? I’m not sure about you but that seems quite silly for me. I know we’re under different circumstances but usually getting higher than your original offer just meant you’d definitely get the spot?

If their qualification is out of 45 credits in total, then getting 4 in the lowest tier means that they can't achieve the requirements at Distinction and Merit.

IE even if they obtain 41 Distinctions in the remainder then that wouldn't be fulfilling the offer, (because they need 42 in total at either Distinction or Merit).

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