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Help me please !!

Ok if anyone could reply soon I will love you so so much!! Basically I’m about to apply for my firm and insurance, pretty sure about having Sheffield as my insurance, debating about my firm. I’m leaning heavily to Manchester BUT when I visited I didn’t LOVE the place, I really liked the student area but I just thought maybe the city was a bit too busy and crowded (although it was an open day that the whole world went to and it was 30 degrees+ so it felt horrible), I’m ngl I’m quite an awkward guy, sociable once you get to know me (cliche I know)and I like nights out but clubbing and races aren’t really my scence, I’ve heard so many great things but Is it always that nuts and packed?? Also my other choice would be Nottingham (I stupidly only looked at the beautiful uni and not really the city) and is that much better !??? Thanks SO SO much if anyone could respond, I will love you forever !!
Why not visit Nottingham city for a weekend?
Nottingham over Manchester. Nottingham campus is beautiful and the city is lovely too.
sheffield is my dream uni. Im hoping to get in through clearing!! i would firm sheffield if i were you . Its such a beautiful place and the education is touch notch. Its quite and peautiudl yet you can always manage to have a great night out.
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Nottingham campus is beautiful I agree!
I don't know much about Sheffield but I know Manchester is big and busy, not for me, which is why I didn't apply.
I've grown up in Nottingham and there is so much to do, lots of variety, sociable and peaceful areas within the city. I'm planning on firming my offer <3
Hi there!

When I visited Liverpool Hope on my open day- I immediately 'knew' this was right for me, I didn't get that 'feeling' anywhere else. Like you I'm only sociable once you know me and also someone who doesn't like clubbing but cities always have something for everyone. and you will meet many people who like yourself who are worried about social/night life!

For another cliché- I think you'll have a gut feeling about which uni is right for you. But as a reply above suggests why not try a weekend in Nottingham and see how you feel, it might be that one bit of information you need before you go 'that makes sense (...) is the place I want to be'!

I hope this helps, it can be difficult to decide where to spend the next few years of your life- so its important it feels right.

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