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extenuating circumstances

i need a bit of advice, so basically i have applied for extenuating circumstances for a piece of coursework due to some unforseen events happening, however i think i have applied too close to the actual submission deadline and im worried they won't respond in time would i just have to end up submitting something? otherwise im sure my marks would be capped especially if they reject my case, but at the same time what would happen if they give me an extension after submitting my work? im just getting a bit anxious about all this i would appreciate any help :frown:
Hi there 👋,

Sorry to hear you are going through a situation right now, meaning you have to apply for this. I would suggest contacting your tutor or course head: possibly through email, Microsoft Teams message, or whatever platform your university uses. If you do not get a reply from the above people, your student union or support services may be about to give you some more specific advice. Every University has a different process when applying for extenuating circumstances, so I am unable to give you a final answer.

Hope this helps and you get a reply soon!
Hannah - 1st year Mental Health Nursing Student

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