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Dentistry/medicine with 3 alevel resits and bad results

I'm currently 20 years old. I still haven't gone to university as my dream courses or medicine/dentistry and I don't want to study anything else. Im getting older now so I really need to go university so I can build a successful career.

At GCSE I achieved 7,6 in science, 7 in math and 7 in English language 6 in literature 6 in geography and l2 D* in Health and social and business.

At A levels I achieved BED the first and second time (I didn't retake the B I got in business the second time). This was due to undergoing some thing which counted as extenuating circumstances. I want to give my A levels one last try now that I feel prepared but I want to ask is there any universities for med or dentist that will consider me?

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