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Guilty about being rude to my parents

This is more of a rant, but if anyone has any advice I'd be grateful.
For starters, I'm not a TERRIBLE. I'm respectful most of the time when speaking with my parents, never trying to say anything to offend. But recently, studying in prep for Alevels have left me on edge?

The incident that led me to write this down happened this evening. Me and my big mouth (😭) decided to tell my mum about something that happened the night before - my dad came home late, and knocked at my door. His arrival woke me up from my sleep, but I didn't get out of bed and greet him, even when he said "goodnight". I didn't tell her that I ignored him specifically, just that the buzzer woke me up. But she inferred and told me that I should be more respectful to him.

I feel pretty guilty because me and her just made up from a conflict a few days ago and now I look like an as*hole. Doesn't help that my dad may be coming over again tonight and although he doesn't know that I was awake, I know and so does my mother, so know I'm gonna feel like a phony.

Any advice on alleviating these feelings of guilt? I'm feeling pretty ashamed because even though these conflicts are relatively harmless, I feel like it reflects the worst of my character.
Apologise and go from there.

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