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The eqm constant question

Esters are organic compounds known for their smells. They are often found in essential oils.

A student wanted to investigate the equilibrium position of the synthesis of propyl methanoate. They placed propan-1-ol and reagent X into a 2 dm³ vessel and heated it.


(i) Name reagent X.

Methanoic acid HCOOH.


(ii) Give a balanced symbol equation for the reaction.


Now the question that I have Is this

(b) The student placed 2.00 moles of propan-1-ol and 1.50 moles of X into the vessel and left the mixture to reach equilibrium. When they returned, they determined the amount of propyl methanoate was 1.05 moles.

Calculate the value of the equilibrium constant, K., and state its units
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If 1.05 mol of propyl methanoate are made, 1.05 mol of both propan-1-ol and methanoic acid are used up in the reaction, leaving 0.95 mol and 0.45 mol respectively.

Are you familiar with the "ICE table" method for this kind of question?
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Yeah I am familiar I just don't get where the 0.95 and 0.45 came from

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