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Year 10 mocks/should I be revising now or in year 11

Hello, I’m in year 10 and I have mocks in a few weeks. I’m at 4s 5s and like one 7. I’m not too worried about mocks, but i wanted to ask should I be revising from now if I want 8s and 9s, especially for some subjects like maths and comp sci and physics which I know *******s about but want to do really well in either way. As I’m seeing a lot of people say start revising in year 11 and you’ll be fine, however I’m ngl I don’t wanna regret it so I’m not sure.
And if you could please give advice on how to improve in computer science, I try listen in class but I can’t and i have my mocks in a few weeks and we’re doing paper 1 and 2 (edexcel) I know nothing about comp sci and I can’t code to save my life. And some goes for maths, I struggle with so much, I understand some concepts and I’ll be able to do questions so well then in the real test I do so bad 😭. Here are the list of subjects I do please give some advice as I would appreciate it so much 🫶🏽

Maths (edexcel)
Chemistry (Aqa)
Physics (Aqa)
Biology (Aqa)
Computer science (Edexcel)
Spanish (Aqa)
Geography (Aqa)
Re (Aqa) (Buddhism/Christianity)
I would recommend starting revision now, so you can figure out what revision techniques do and don't work for you and each of the subjects that you do.
I'm doing my year 10 mock in 2 days i recommend revising for them now. i would do 5 mins for each everyday and with the subject u don't have some extra time like 5 mins for question on the subject or topic i would switch topic evryday and near the end go over all again for 5 mins i wish i started sooner videos also help a lot

I would start revising now to see what works for you and also so that by year 11 you feel confident in whatever you learnt in year 10. It makes it way easier to study and makes it feel a lot less overwhelming. just make sure not to burn yourself out over studying bc there's still an extra year to go!

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