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Hey I did a practice question on the LNAT section B. Can anyone give me criticisms and provide me with tips as well ? Birth controls shouldn’t be prescribed to teenagers without parental consent. What is your opinion?A minute pill that is taken daily by millions of women around the world for a multitude of reasons birth control. Whether it is for hormonal regulation, acne control, or preventing pregnancy, birth control is arguably a necessity for this day and age. As time progresses the younger generation have had a spike in the usage of birth control, specifically teenagers. However, parents are a physical impediment that are restraining the maximum and necessary usage of this medicine. Perhaps, because of the misconception that teenagers lack the mental capacity to behest what is good for them and what is not. Or the growing worry that parents are becoming less capable of taking control of their children - thus being responsible for their mistakes. In the course of reading this essay I hope to erase those misapprehensions and provide clarity on the real issue.Starting with the claim that young adults are restricted to making choices due to their inability to think and make the correct choices, in comparison to a fully grown adult who have had enough experience and wisdom unlike said teenagers. Firstly, I want to establish that age is not an obstacle in almost any scenario related to capability there are 13-year-olds completing competitive degrees and receiving first class with honours for their dissertations, the multitude of young prodigies in the Arts, and bright mathematicians all from the teenage demographic. This not only proves that teenagers are capable of making their own choices, especially in regard to their own body, but also should be given the opportunity to do so. Explicitly because these are the building blocks that help them gain the necessary skills that stem from taking responsibility, and becoming the fully-fledged adult that they will one day be. Additionally, the epitome of teenage hood revolves around growth, change and development which can either take a turn for the worse, were society witnesses many victims gliding not so gracefully- down a slippery slope, leading to teenage pregnancies, youth crime, gang violence and drug addictions. To rebuttal this, society can give teenagers the key to the golden gates by believing that they will make the best choices and removing the necessity for parental consent for birth control. This way young adults have a choice of making decisions in regard to their self, without the overriding criticisms and judgements from others which there is already an abundance of in teenage-hood.Addressing the latter, which is the decreasing control of parent involvement in the lives of teenagers which contradicts with the increase in the uncommendable actions from the teenage age group. Of course, society then points the finger at the parents whose “obvious” fault it is for the lack of care and guidance provided by them. On the contrary, by providing teenagers with appropriate guidance requires the guardians to “let go” if they want to see tangible results. Studies shows how those who are brought up more restricted with stricter legal guardians tend to be more rebellious and slyer. Thus, by removing the barrier of acquiring parental consent for something of a necessary nature it saves the parent an embarrassing conversation as well as the teenager. While simultaneously providing the opportunity to make responsible choices, ie preventing teenage pregnancy.To conclude, birth control - as controversial as it may seem is just a pill. It can be utilised as a hormonal stabiliser and has saved millions of lives by preventing pregnancy. If a teenager knows she needs the pill, isn’t it best that she is able to access it without the unnecessary judgement and bombardment of questions from her parents? Nonetheless, in no way am I dismissing those parents who exhibit genuine worry about their children - in fact I applaud them in this day and age where there is an increasing population of complacent parents. However, if the autonomy of the teenager bears any value whatsoever parental consent should not be in question. All in all, by removing these unnecessary barriers in society we can move one step closer to bridging the gap between teenagers and adults.

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