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Can I do ICT Apprenticeship

I want to do an IT Support Apprenticeship. The role and duties within that apprenticeship is completely different to the degree I studied which was Digital Technology. I have Information and Communication Technology at A-Levels and English and Maths at C grades for GCSEs am I eligible to do an IT Support Apprenticeship? I want to be able to do this Apprenticeship so I can sustain Qualifications as a Information Communication Technician.
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I don't think you'd be able to do an apprenticeship that is so similar as your degree and if you did Digital technology does that mean you already did an apprenticeship? Wouldn't you just be able to get a job in IT support with the degree you already have - especially if you also had a part time job that was customer facing ie shop or bar work. IT support seems like quite a step back, are you sure you couldn't be able to get Information Communication Technician jobs with the degree you have? Even Information Communication Technician apprenticeships seem to only be level 3 but maybe I'm missing something.

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