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Higher English (Scottish Qualification): Critical Essays

I struggle on creating and writing critical essays on the spot in an exam, so I perform better by pre preparing an essay, memorising it and slightly changing it to suit the essay question. I am wondering: - How many essays I should memorise for the final exam?
- What types of essays these should be (eg theme, character, setting, key turning point etc)?
- What would be the ideal amount of quotes to memorise?
- Would I get away with using most of the same quotes for lots of different questions? My maximum amount of essays to memorise would be 3, but if I can get away with memorising just 1 or 2 to suit every question would be preferable. I’m needing an A, preferably in the high 80’s, so would be needing at least 14/20 for my critical essay. Help would be much appreciated!!

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