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alevel english literature coursework

hi! my english coursework is due tomorrow which is an analysis of 1000 words (excluding quotes, authors names and names of poems). In my draft, would using references (quoting them) be counted as 'quotes' and would the authors of these need to be removed aswell? If so my word count definetly won't work so i'm pretty worried.. thanks!
Hi! In your English coursework, any direct quotations you use from poems or other texts should be considered 'quotes' and therefore not included in your word count if the guidelines specify "excluding quotes." This generally means you can quote lines from poems or other sources directly without them adding to your total word count.
Regarding the authors' names, if the guidelines explicitly state to exclude "authors' names" from the word count along with the names of the poems, then these also wouldn’t count towards your total word count. It’s common in literary analysis for citations (including authors' names and titles of works) not to count in the word count, especially if they are part of in-text citations or footnotes/endnotes.
If you're concerned about your word count not working with these exclusions, it might be worth reviewing your analysis to see if there are sections where you can be more concise or if there are additional insights you could add to meet the required word count. If you're still unsure, I recommend checking with your instructor to clarify what exactly is excluded from the word count. This can help ensure you meet the requirements without any last-minute surprises. Good luck with your coursework!

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