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University of Toronto life science or Chinese University of Hong Kong for BBA-JD?

University of Toronto: Life Science with CAD 100,000 scholarship
Chinese University of Hong Kong: Bachelor of Business Administration and Juris Doctor in 5 years with HKD 75,000 scholarship.

I plan on going to law school after my undergraduate studies. If I attend UofT, I can study public health and environmental law. If I attend CUHK, I'll work in business law, possibly in Hong Kong. My two concerns are 1. I heard that working in business law is better than law in science, but the Hong Kong market is shrinking. 2. I like biology, and if I attend CUHK, I might not be able to study bio again because it's hard to switch from humanities to sciences. However, it'll take more time, effort, and money to get a JD if I attend UofT.

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