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Any revision tips/materials for Bio and maths?

My exam boards are OCR A for bio and Edexcel for Maths.
For bio, i struggle with application questions.
For maths, i struggle with year 2 content .
Does anyone have any effective revision techniques or materials that can help?
Biology (OCR A)
Struggling with Application Questions:


Understand the Core Concepts: Application questions require a strong understanding of basic concepts so that you can apply them in new contexts. Make sure you’re clear on the fundamentals of each topic.


Practice with Past Papers: There’s no substitute for practice. OCR offers a range of past papers and examiner reports. Review these to see how concepts are typically applied in questions, and how examiners expect you to respond.


Create Real-World Links: Try to relate the biological concepts you learn to real-world scenarios. This can help you understand their practical applications, making it easier to tackle exam questions that use unfamiliar contexts.


Study Workbooks: Consider using a study guide or workbook designed for OCR A Biology that focuses on application skills. Books by CGP, for example, often have sections dedicated to exam-style questions and applications.

Maths (Edexcel)
Struggling with Year 2 Content:


Focus on Troublesome Areas: Identify which particular aspects of Year 2 content you find most difficult. This could be integration, differential equations, or vectors. Concentrate your revision on these areas.


Step-by-Step Learning: Break down the problems into smaller, manageable parts to understand each step’s purpose. Use textbooks and revision guides to reinforce step-by-step methods.


Utilize Online Resources: Websites like Khan Academy, Examsolutions, and Mathsgenie offer free tutorials and step-by-step solutions to Edexcel Maths problems.


Practice, Practice, Practice: Use Edexcel past papers and practice papers. The more you practice, the more familiar you will become with the question styles and the better you will be at applying your knowledge.


Group Study: Sometimes discussing problems with peers can help clarify difficult concepts or offer new methods of solving problems.

General Revision Tips


Timetabled Revision: Create a revision timetable that allocates specific times for each subject. This helps ensure balanced revision across all topics.


Active Revision Techniques: These include creating mind maps, flashcards, or teaching the material to someone else. Active revision has been shown to be more effective than passive reading.


Regular Breaks and Self-Care: Don’t underestimate the importance of breaks and maintaining your physical and mental health during revision periods.

Revision Resources

Past Papers and Mark Schemes: Directly from the OCR and Edexcel websites.

Revision Guides and Workbooks: Publishers like CGP and Pearson often have excellent resources tailored to your exam board’s specifications.

Online Platforms: For maths, websites like Khan Academy and Examsolutions can be particularly helpful. For biology, Bozeman Science and Khan Academy provide clear explanations of complex concepts.

Apps: Apps like Quizlet for creating digital flashcards or Forest, which helps you stay focused by preventing you from using your phone.

By integrating these techniques and resources into your revision strategy, you can improve your understanding and performance in both OCR A Biology and Edexcel Maths. Good luck!

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