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A guide to selecting your third year engineering modules

As a second-year engineering student I realised I’m not the only one on the brink of a vital decision: no matter which university you attend you will be selecting your subjects for third year, either at the moment or in the near future. This choice can significantly shape your academic journey and pave the way for your future career in engineering. It’s a little intimidating to think that whatever you choose could close or open some doors for you in the future. So, how do you make an informed decision that aligns with your interests, goals, and aspirations? Let's get into the process I went through to submit my choices last week :

1.) Know what your options are :
Energy engineering has 5 compulsory modules and 4 optional modules : Finite element method , machines and mechanisms , turbo machinery and design for 3D printing of which only two can be selected , one for the autumn session and another for the spring session.
The first thing I did was find out what each subject is about , the general course content covered and also which Lecturers we’re going to teach the modules.

2.)Explore Career Pathways: Research different career pathways within engineering to understand the skills and knowledge required for different roles. Look at job descriptions, industry trends, and potential growth areas to understand the demand for specific skills and knowledge . It’s important to align your subject choices with your career goals to increase your employability . For e.g I knew that none of my career interests required me to have 3D printing and so that automatically was removed from my choices .

3.)Reflect on your interests and weigh your strengths and weaknesses :
I recently gained an aptitude for fluid mechanics and an interest in aerodynamics this isn’t necessarily a skill that is needed for some of the career pathways I want to take but it could be beneficial in designing low carbon technologies in the Energy industry. I am good with the mathematics and the general concepts of fluid mechanics therefore Turbo machinery would be a good option for me. I did a similar strengths and weaknesses analysis for all the other subjects.

4.)Keep Long-Term Goals in Mind: Think about the skills, knowledge, and experiences you want to gain by the time you graduate and how each subject contributes to your overall academic and professional development. Then pick your modules according to that .

And finally approach the subject selection process thoughtfully and strategically, make an informed decision that will set you on the path to success in your engineering journey.

Also remember to seek guidance ( from lecturers , current third years and even TSR ambassadors ), and stay true to your passions as you navigate this important milestone in your academic career. Your choices today will shape the engineer you become tomorrow. Choose wisely, and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.

I hope this helps someone make their modules selection easier . If you are a second year student in the same boat or a third year student whose doing the modules they picked , please share your experience and what subjects you picked and why below.

Energy Engineering student
De Montfort University

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