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International Student Scholarships in the UK

I am an international student moving to the UK to study undergraduate International Relations, and was wondering how the scholarships work there. I am looking for partial scholarships that are based on academic achievement type things, and don't really know where to look. University websites can be pretty confusing, and I don't qualifiy for most of the ones I've found because they're bursaries or grants.
I take the IB, and one of my unis said I can get the Chancellors Scholarship if I get a certain score on my final exams, which is great. I am looking for more things like this, across multiple unis as I still havent chosen mine.
Im american but living in germany with permanent reisdency, so if you know of any US or EU things that'll work too.

Any advice or places to look?
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Hi!! If ur undergrad (which I assume u are), different unis have different ones depending on ur nationality and country of residence. Southampton and Newcastle can cover up to 100% of ur fees if u manage to get the scholarship, but there are nationality restrictions for those. QUB offers all students a chance at a 50% scholarship, but u have to firm the uni first, so its not guaranteed. I think either Southampton or QUB offer scholarships based on IB grades as well automatically, and QUB has a bunch depending on where ur from and what school u attended. If ur from the EU, there's also plenty of fully funded opportunities at some unis. But if you're from a kinda well off but kinda not place, like North Africa (speaking from experience), there isn't very many opportunities besides smaller amounts. Good luck!

Theres also a lot of unis with campuses abroad that have cheaper fees if ur interested, like Nottingham Malaysia, Middlesex Dubai, Heriot-Watt Dubai, etc
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