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pros and cons of degree apprenticeships

pros and cons of degree apprenticeships??
Hi @autumnal-flag

A degree apprenticeship can be a really great way to achieve a degree, while also having work experience alongside it.

There are loads of pros, including the fact that you can earn money while studying and learning, you're still finishing the apprenticeship with a degree, but will also have practical experience which can heighten your CV. And you can have a feel for your subject/future career as you will get to experience the workplace while still learning.

Potential cons could be that you won't have a typical uni/degree experience by going straight into a working environment, but this is really personal preference.

Best of luck with whatever you decide! 🙂
Student Rep at BCU
no student loans
you get paid
almost guaranteed a job at the end

miss out on the uni experience a bit
apprenticeships can also sometimes take a year longer than a uni course for the same degree
quite competitive to get into and you have to find one

apprenticeships can also tend to be more practical than uni but it depends on what apprenticeship and what uni your comparing

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