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What humanities A-Level should I take for Architecture?

Im a year 10 student going into year 11 in September and I have to apply to a college I want to attend in October. I'm certain I want to do Architecture in uni but I'm a bit confused about what a level I should take.

I've seen on the internet that people normally take art/design, maths, and physics but I absolutely cannot do physics. It would be too much stress on me since I struggle a lot with it.

I was thinking of doing 3d design, maths, and a humanities subject. Lately, though, I've been thinking about philosophy? I don't know if it even counts as a humanities subject and if universities would recognise it as one. It seems like a fun course to do but I don't want to be struggling when applying for universities. Any suggestions????
You don't need maths or physics - I believe only Strathclyde, Bath, and I think maybe Leeds or Liverpool require maths or physics (and only normally one or the other).

You don't need a humanities subject either (and yes philosophy is a humanities subject). Any essay based subject would be fine.
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there's a stickied A levels for architecture thread in the course subforum, but the gist of it is that most unis have no preferred subjects for admission (only a few unis require either Maths or Physics)
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instead you're required (I believe for most if not all unis) to submit a portfolio of art/design work, this can include work from a design-related A level if you are doing one, but equally you can do completely unrelated A levels and work on the portfolio outside of those

Personally, I didn't use anything from Maths or Physics A level in my arch degree, the course content was GCSE level difficulty max if that. Philosophy is as good a subject pick as any and wouldn't hinder you in uni applications so if you want to do it at A level feel free :smile:
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