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if I wanted to include Sigmund Freud's ideas in my a Christmas carol essay, how do I go about that as his ideas happened after the book?
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Hi hkodamahurley.

This is an interesting point you raise.

It sounds to me like you're almost foreshadowing A Level English Literature study! AO5 at A Level is 'Explore literary texts informed by different interpretations'. (Are you thinking about A Level Lit?)

While you might not have such a specific AO focus at GCSE, I would imagine you could incorporate the connections you see between Freud and 'ACC' under AO1 (GCSE). Under the banner of 'respond[ing] to texts ... develop an informed personal response ... ', you could offer your views; provided, of course, they are supported by clear textual reference and quotations.

Is there anything you want to particularly explore, re Freud/'ACC'? I'm guessing you're considering at least the influence of childhood experiences ...
my link was about Freud's theory of id
in the quote "another idol has displaced me" my analysis was:
symbolism of the impulses of id. he was controlled by his id, not only did he worship his sexual desires (represented by Belle), but he then replaced this desire with the worship of money and wealth, all to distract himself from his own misery.
Not sure if its a bit of stretch but I think it makes sense

I was considering literature as I find it very interesting, but I don't really want to take it for A-level, I'd still have it as like a hobby /interest though.

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