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Im 17 and my parents took my phone until i graduate in 2 months. how should i cope?

So... my parents found out I had a boyfriend one night when I had been on call with him. i was laughing hella loud, i think, and my dad, up from having a charlie horse, walked into my room and asked who i was talking to. i panicked and gave the worst lie known to mankind, and then he snatched my phone from me and i haven't seen it since. it's been 3 weeks. they deleted whatsapp and the app i had found my bf on. they told me i wouldn't get the phone back until i graduate, and im still wondering if "getting it back" means also getting all my apps back. i am unfortunately still 17 and wont be 18 until im halfway through my first symester at my military college. what are your thoughts on what my parents did, and also on what i should do to not have mental break downs?
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