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Getting a first in languages at uni - HELP!

Hi all!

For context, I'm in final year doing Linguistics with French.

In Linguistics, I've been averaging a first across my 3 year degree. In French, however, I've been getting between 50-65 the entire time. I find it really hard. With the way my course works, it takes a couple of language errors to knock your grade down completely. This is in all types of exams - essays, orals, listening etc.

Via a grade calculator, I need to get 70 in everything, including my dissertation, to get a first for my entire degree.

Like I say, Linguistics has never been an issue - it's the French that's knocking me down. All my classmates get firsts, and I find myself trying just as hard. Hell, I worked on a presentation for three months only to get 65!

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