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History 18 mark response - help

'National government has done more to improve public health since 1900 than it did during the Industrial Age of 1750-1900. How far do you agree?

I agree that the 'National government has done more to improve people's health since 1800 than it did during the Industrial Age of 1750-1900. One reason I agree is because in the modern period the government were proactive in trying to improve peoples health. This is shown through multiple initiatives which were introduced such as the 1930 Housing Act. This act meant slums were cleared and replaced with modern council housing. This massively improved public health because slum housing was often poorly built and dangerous. Meanwhile, the modern council housing provided a safe place for people to live with access to clean water. Therefore the national government since 1980 has improved public health significantly.

Another reason I agree with the statement is because in 1948 the NHS was created. This provides free healthcare for everyone. This improved peoples health as the NHS is a place where everyone can receive free healthcare no matter their age or income. As a result peoples health dramatically improved because more people could be treated by illnesses so less people suffered from them to the extent they would have in the Industrial Period. Before the Industrial Period, the government had a laissez faire attitude. As a result, many members in society (especially the poor) suffered. This proves that the National Government did more to improve public health as they introduced many schemes that would improve public health for everyone in the years 1750-1900.

However, I also disagree with the statement because in the Industrial Age the government improved public health greatly by introducing the 1875 Public Health Act. This act meant that people must have access to clean water and ceased sewage systems. This drastically improved public health as clean water meant water-borne diseases such as cholera could not spread which reduced the number of cases of cholera. Additionally, good sewage systems meant waste was carried away therefore there was no where for bacteria to breed so public health improved because there was less bacteria to cause disease.

Another reason why I disagree with the statement is because in the Industrial Age, the government also tried to improve people's health by introducing the Pure Food Act in 1860. This Act meant food must not be contaminated or adulterated. This massively improved public health because poor quality of food was a key contributor to poor public health. Therefore this act was extremely successful because it prevented diseased meats and produce from being consumed and as a result, people's health improved.

I don't know if its that good or not. I don't know where i am in history.
i guess, what mark would you give it out of 18. and is there any advice
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