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Hey everyone! :hello:

With exams now just around the corner, we wanted to put together a few things to support you in your revision journey :yep:

Revision-related discussions

These are chats where you can find support from other students and share your own tips for study success :u: We have more being added each week!
How do you revise?
Revising with your friends - does it work?
How is your revision timetable structured?
What are the benefits of a revision timetable and how do you stick to it?

What revision methods do you use for your subjects?
How do you prioritise your revision?
How useful is YouTube for revision?
How useful do you find examiner's reports?
How do you use revision guides?
What do you do to get into the right mindset for revision?
Do you use past papers in your revision? Why?
What's a good breakfast before an exam, and why?
How do you avoid procrastination?
How do you balance your revision with your hobbies?
What tips would you give for last minute revision?
What are your tips for unwinding during exam season?

Study Groups and Exam Chats
Subject-specific A-level Study Groups
Subject-specific GCSE Study Groups
Exam Chats for A-levels
Exam Chats for GCSEs
Exam Chats for SQA

Staying Focused

Grow Your Grades - this is a fun blogging competition with prizes to be won each month. It's a super supportive community where you can share the highs and lows of your journey to improving your grades!

TSR Study Together - STEM vs Humanities! - these live revision sessions run weekly for anyone who wants to join in. Turn up, share whatever you're working on at the moment, and be a part of either #TeamSTEM or #TeamHumanities!

GCSE and A-level Weekly Check-ins: 2024 Exam Season - weekly check-in chats throughout the exam season where you can let others know how you're feeling, as well as support other students
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The link to the fifth one down isn't working

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