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Choosing the right Insurance choice

Hi everyone!

We’ve nearly reached that time of year (already!:gasp:) where you’ll need to decide your Firm and Insurance choices on UCAS. Most of you have until 6th June to do this if you submitted your UCAS application before the January deadline.

What is your Insurance choice?

Your insurance choice is the university or course you would be happy to be accepted onto if you don’t meet the requirements to get into your Firm, or favourite, university or course.

The biggest reason why students don’t get into their Firm choice is because they miss the grades needed. Therefore, we always recommend selecting an Insurance choice that has lower entry requirements then your Firm choice. That way, if results day doesn’t go as expected, you’ll automatically be given an unconditional offer for your Insurance choice as long as you meet their entry requirements.

There can be a lot to think about when deciding on your Insurance choice university or course. Some students pick their second favourite of their 5 choices, a course with lower entry requirements, a university in the same city… Really, there so many reasons an each is personal to you. Most importantly, select an Insurance choice that you’d still be happy to go to if you don’t get into your Firm choice.

Still deciding?

The best way to get a feel for university life is to go to any offer holder events that you’ve been invited to! At these events you’ll get to meet other offer holders, course tutors, have a taster lecture and find out more information about things like accommodation, student finance, the student union, etc.

Manchester Met has upcoming visit days on 17th April, 27th April and 11th May. For more information, contact our visit day team on [email protected]

Now over to you…

Have you selected your Firm and Insurance already? Are you still deciding? Are you a current university student who wants to share your experiences? Please share your thoughts about how you’ve navigated this process and what has helped you so far. You might even help another student make up their mind!

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