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Seeking Legal advice for an issue with initial teacher training

I am seeking legal advice for an issue with initial teacher training.
In short, I was dismissed from the course unfairly and it was deemed that the university did not investigate my case thoroughly enough and follow their own procedures fully when terminating me from the course and responding to my appeal and complaints. After two years of my appeal, two stages of complaint to the uni, an investigation by the Independent Adjudicator and then finally the university's own legal team, I have been offered a redress offer which, in my opinion, does not make up for their major blunder in this predicament. I'd like to follow up on their offer and push for more compensation and ultimately a better offer.
Now I would like to get some free legal advice, or be put in touch, or recommended with a lawyer/ law firm to guide on me on how to proceed further.
If you have any advice or can guide me in the right direction, I would be extremely grateful!
If anyone who's had a similar experience could advise me on how they dealt with their own experiences, that would be really great too.
Thanks a lot guys :smile:

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