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UCLan Degree Apprenticeships

Have you considered a degree apprenticeship? 🤔

If you like the idea of studying towards your degree all whilst earning a wage and gaining industry experience, then read on to discover the opportunities that could be available to you. 👇

What is a degree apprenticeship?
Degree Apprenticeships allow you to study for a qualification while working for your employer, this give you the chance to graduate with an honours or master’s degree. You'll get the opportunity to combine studying with real work experience, all whilst earning a wage. Another bonus is that you won't have a student loan to pay back as your fees will be paid by your employer

Why choose a degree apprenticeship?
- You'll gain in-demand skills and progress in your professional career.
- Degree Apprenticeship's can be tailored to you
- You'll be given flexibility to focus on what you want to gain from your degree and work experience.
- You'll get paid time off and will receive all the benefits of being a student, including access to campus facilities and student discounts.

How much will I get paid?
Your wage during your degree apprenticeship will be determined by your employer. However all apprentices must be paid at least the National Minimum Wage for your age bracket.

How do I apply?
To enrol in a Degree Apprenticeship, you must be employed in a relevant role for at least 30 hours a week before you start. If you are already employed in a relevant role, speak to your employer to find out whether they would support you through the apprenticeship.

If you are interested in the degree apprenticeships we offer here at UCLan you can learn much more 👇

Any questions? Feel free to ask 😊
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