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What are the benefits of a revision timetable and how do you stick to it?

Hey everyone :hi:

I'm sure lots of you are starting to plan out how you're going to organise your revision over the next few weeks :yep: So I want to talk revision timetables!

Do you use a revision timetable?

If you do, how does it help you?

And for those of us who struggle with procrastination... :redface: How do you make sure you stick to it?

Let us know in the comments! :biggrin:
Heya!! Yes I use a revision timetable, however it's pretty relaxed and I'm quite often not wanting to do something for a subject and will another subject or something else instead! It's super helpful because it keeps me accountable as I can log my hours of revision on it and on top of this helps me pick out what I'm going to do on the day, rather than procrastinate and think of what to do!!! I've never been a huge procrastinator, however I make sure to stick to it by leaving notes around on it (It's on a google sheet so easy to customise and change!) for motivation or to remind me of my goals and the effort I need to put in to achieve them!

Hope this helps!
Its nice to organise into short, mid and long term goals.
Look up:
spaced repetition , pomodoro technique as well to integrate into timetable

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