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superpower relations question

hi could someone please read this answer i wrote. i do gcse edexcel history

Explain two consequences of the cuban revolution (8 marks)

One consequence of the cuban revolution in january 1959 was that it led to an increase in cooperation between the Soviet Union and Cuba. This was due to the revolution being led by the nationalist Fidel Castro who felt that the US had too much control over Cuba, especially because many American businesses invested in Cuba and bought the majority of their land, which meant that the US has immense power over the cuban economy.As a result Fidel Castro began to built trade links with the soviet union to limit the US’s power in cuba,where soviets bought sugar from cuba. This was seen as a threat to the US as Cuba was within their sphere of influence and by having a developing communist government near them,their influence in the west was at risk. This then led to the CIA convincing Kenndey to train 1400 Cuban exiles, in order to prevent Cuba becoming a communist ally,which then resulted in the Bay of pigs incident in april 1961.

Another consequence of the Cuban revolution was that it led to strained relations between Cuba and the US. This led to the US failing to recognise the new nationalist government following Fidel Castro overthrowing the dictator Batsista and in turn led to less cooperation between Cuba and the US,which is evident in 1960 where Eisenhower refused to trade with Cuba and the following year broke off all diplomatic relations with cuba. As a result of the worsened relations the US lost control over Cuba,due to the lack of investments being made there following Eisnehower’s decisions.
It looks good, though it was Eisenhower who green lit the Bay of Pigs. Kennedy inherited the plan. I'd put the section on the Bay of Pigs into your second paragraph since your second paragraph deals with American relations.
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thanks for the feedback 🙂 what mark would you think it would be out of 8 ?
I mark for the Edexcel International GCSE. The wording is slightly different: "Explain two effects..." They essentially are the same though. I'd give it 7/8. If you made the change I suggested, I'd give it 8/8.
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ok thats really helpful thank you so much :smile:

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