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My 3 week GYG

Realised i wasted easter, but lets move on and forget about the 6 month I have wasted, I'm an average 7 student, for now my discipline is more important than me feeling motivated or in the mood, I might not get all 9s, I never have, but if I can try then its worth it. I am going to eliminate all distractions and lock in, TSR is just going to be my way of keeping track because I loose my goals easily have done so way too many times. Im just going to get real, and I CAN DO THIS. thanks for listening to my rant. here my routine- having to live 5 hours of sleep, MAX waking up at 5-6 going to school 8:30-3:30 and just revising till I finish daily targets, if I can't- I will
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i wasted sm time too lol

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