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Looking for a new tenant-Birmingham- a studio for 153 pounds per week

Hi, I'm finding someone to take over my tenancy from the 15th of June - the 7th of September 2024. It doesn't need to be perfectly fit with those dates; the room will be available from the 8th of June, so basically, one week will be free if you want!
It is a studio of iQ student accommodation in Birmingham, postcode B15 1NQ, floor 8.
The room includes your own kitchen and bathroom- no need to share with others. + a lovely lake view from the big window.
It is 225 pounds per week, so for 12 weeks, it is 2700 pounds.
But I'm willing to negociate the price, like I can do for 2000 pounds. - so it gonna be down to 166.7 pounds per week. and if you want to come already at the 8th of June, it will be 153.8 pounds per week for you! (2000/13).
As you know, it is very rare to find a studio with 153 pounds per week. Please contact me if you're interest!!
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