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I do A-level and B-Tech: English Literature, Psychology and B-Tech applied science, I’m wanting to work in a science or medical field, for now I’m looking at career choices of being a cosmetic scientist, perfumer, nurse or paramedic. Ive mostly seen that I will need a chemistry A-level and would probably need to attend University. Could I still work in the fields I’m interested with applied science?
With the courses I study what do you think would be best?
What University or apprenticeships do you think would be best?
Yes! You can definetly do apprenteships and uni courses, places similar to UEA don't require chemistry in order for you to apply to nursing and paramedical sciences usually dont even use a science (just a social science), for a degree in cosmetic sciences it is likely you'd need chem but im sure you can find some apprenteships!! Lmk if you want sources or help at all, best of luck <333
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Thank you so much for responding back, this is really helpful.
Yes could I please use some sources.
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Thank you so much for responding back, this is really helpful.
Yes could I please use some sources.

So for cosmetic sciences, no chem does make it a little harder this article breaks down the other routes you could take (apprenteships with private companies etc), nursing doesn't usually require chem but take a look at the UCAS list here

I'm not sure the kind of nursing you're interested in but I had a look at the general degree at Exeter university This seems to explain it pretty well, entry requirements BBB with no required subjects. Phsychology would deffo stand you in good stead for this though. Open University sponsor Nursing apprentaships which could be good if you live somwhere remote (or just in general as its harder to get NHS apprenteships)

For paramedical sciences again its more of a job that requires compassion and knowledege of people rather than the medical side of things, the UCAS page shows good examples of these. For example the University of Cumbria requires a social science or natural science so what you do would work nicely Apprenteships would also stand you in good stead, the government website will list providers you can apply too depending on where you want to live!!

I hope this is helpful and lmk if you need any more info :3
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Wow thank you so much, I’m very grateful this will definitely be helpful ☺️

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