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pubic odour

I know it it probably normal to an extent, but I want to ask if other women here also experience any strong smells from the pubic area just before their period starts? I don't always, but sometimes it is so strong, when i'm sat crossed legged I can smell it, and it makes me insecure because idk if someone sitting close to me would also be able to smell itt.
It isn't an iron scent either, it's more pungent. Idk how normal it is, or if i should mention it to my GP- I am shy to talk about personal things like this though so would rather get some input from other women and what your experiences are like please.

I have just finished my period and it still smells a bit. Any advice? It it normal and would other people notice?
This is normally just the smell of your discharge, I've read about this regarding your issue and its actually only the person that smells it that can smell it. It's sort of like when your on your period and you can smell the metallic. Don't worry! its normal :smile:

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