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MSc Finance, Accounting and Management | Waleed's student blog

Hi, I'm Waleed and I graduated from a year-long MSc in Finance, Accounting and Management in December 2023. :smile:

I am now looking forward to starting my new job with a local business. My goal is to set up my own chartered accounting firm. 


Valuable knowledge
Gaining knowledge in different areas, such as marketing and business strategy, has been very valuable.

For example, we covered Business Economics in my first semester, which included discussions about the reasons that UK inflation has gone up over the last five years.

My dissertation gave me the option to study a topic close to home - the economic situation in my home country of Pakistan. I researched how global players like the World Bank and IMF are loaning money to underdeveloped countries to raise them out of poverty.

The diverse range of modules piqued my interest from the get-go.

Carrying out the research
Before joining the University of Bradford, I heavily researched the course.

The diverse range of modules, from Business Economics to Operations Management, promised an enriching course that would develop my skills in areas that I hadn’t really encountered before. In my previous studies, I’d only focused on the academic side of things.

Seven years' experience in the field, yet Bradford added a new dimension to my understanding.

Gathering education and qualifications
I have a background in accounting and finance and secured the ACCA qualification from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in 2014.

This qualification opened doors into the world of work. I spent seven years gathering professional experience in Dubai and Pakistan before I considered studying for an MSc. 

I worked for around five years in Dubai at a medical equipment company that introduced new medical technology into the region. I then spent two years in Pakistan at an electrical engineering firm. I chose Dubai because it is the closest international hub to Pakistan. Within two weeks I’d been interviewed and offered a job.

Even when I was studying for my ACCA qualification, I was keen to come to England as it was also my late father’s dream. I also have friends who’ve studied at various universities over here.

I chose Bradford and the Finance, Accounting and Management course because of the impressive range of modules which I knew would really strengthen my existing experience.

Opening my own firm
My ultimate goal? To open my own chartered accounting firm. I would like to make this happen in the next couple of years.

Having the ACCA qualification automatically enables me to set up my own firm.

As well, my Master's degree from the University of Bradford has given me skills in business management, strategy and leadership. These skills are crucial to starting my own business.

If I can, it would be fantastic to have an office in England and an office in Dubai, as I know the market there from my previous experience.

Living and studying in Bradford
The University campus is compact, yet its impact is boundless.

I’ve really enjoyed living and studying in Bradford and my time at the University.

It’s a multicultural hub and everyone is very friendly - it’s been so easy to settle in and make friends.

One highlight for me has been the University’s management team, which is always extremely responsive and helpful. Any issue I’ve raised has been dealt with and resolved, and I’ve been pointed in the direction of where to go if I need help. 

The Library has also been a fantastic resource. It’s incredibly well-stocked both online and with physical books. My course has required a lot of library time, and it always has the resources I need to succeed.

My advice
Link your background studies with your chosen modules; it's paramount.

To anyone hoping to study a postgraduate degree; if you’re not sure which course to take, I recommend choosing something that links with your existing experience or education.

This is important as the skills and knowledge you develop during your studies can help you build a strong foundation for a positive future.

Want to find out more? Discover MSc Finance, Accounting and Management. :smile:

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